Thursday, April 06, 2006

EDT Training

This is pretty cool stuff

Sometimes the most simple type of workouts are the best. After watching the Charles Staley EDT (escalating density training) dvd, we started playing with this program a bit. Check out this workout: Two pair of two different exercises set up in two 10 minute blocks of time, or PR Zones as they are called, using your 10 rep max in weight.

PR Zone 1
Snatches: 5l/5r
Pushups: 5 reps

Do this for 10 min alternating from one to the other and keep track of your reps so you can try and beat them next time.

PR Zone 2
Kettlebell Front Squats: 5reps
Pull ups: 5 reps

The 5 reps just seemed to work for us, but this is not carved in stone you can change your rep scheme at any time during the workout. Make sure to keep track of the reps so you can beat your score the next time. This is a great way to work your strength and cardio at the same time while hitting just about every muscle group in your body.


Blogger Joefitness said...

Cool stuff, I like the blogspot. Any friend of Revolution is a friend of mine :-)

Joe Sarti, RKC, CSCS
San Jose, CA

6:43 PM  
Blogger The Training Room said...

Thanks Joe, appreciate the message

10:54 PM  

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